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Nicokickers-Supported Brand Expands to 
Circle K in Sweden, Eyes Major Vape Shop Chain Debut in the UK

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Stockholm, Sweden – [June 15]

In an exciting development, one of Nicokickers’ esteemed customers has made its mark in the Swedish market by offering their nicotine pouches at Circle K locations across the country. The success of this collaboration has paved the way for an imminent launch in the United Kingdom, where they are set to captivate vape enthusiasts through a prominent vape shop chain.
Nicokickers, renowned for its role as a service, warehousing, and packaging provider, has been instrumental in supporting the expansion of this dynamic brand.

CEO Jonas Lindkvist of Nicokickers shared his enthusiasm, stating, “We are immensely proud of our partnership and the growth we’ve achieved together. This expansion into Circle K stores in Sweden and the upcoming debut in the UK’s vape shop market are significant milestones. It’s a testament to our commitment to delivering quality and innovative products.”

The customer’s nicotine pouches have already garnered a strong following in Sweden, thanks to their unique offerings. The availability at Circle K locations provides greater accessibility to a wide range of consumers.

Looking ahead, the brand’s entry into the UK vape shop chain promises to make a substantial impact on the vaping community in the UK. The forthcoming launch is highly anticipated, with vape enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the brand’s arrival.

For further updates and information about the brand’s expansion and offerings, please visit [Brand’s Website].

About Nicokickers:

Nicokickers is a leading private label Nicotine Pouches supplier based in Sweden. They offer high-quality solutions for businesses entering the nicotine pouch market.

For more information, please contact:

Jonas Lindkvist,, +46703364040

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