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Step into a lucrative market with brands that resonate. Here's why the Twinroll-backed brands we showcase stand out.

  • Quality Assurance: Every product undergoes rigorous testing to meet our high standards for safety, taste, and traceability.
  • Swedish Excellence: Benefit from the quality and innovation Twinroll brings to the table.
  • Future-Ready: As Twinroll introduces new brands, you'll have first access to market them.
Our portfolio of brands to distribute

Brands that define excellence

Sthlm White™

A tribute to the ancient snus production combined with a modern touch. Stockholm White™ products encapsulate the Scandinavian feel, perfect for the discerning user.


Launched in October 2022, BUFF 1UP™ targets the gaming community with its unique flavors and designs. We're thrilled to have this brand in our portfolio, anticipating significant growth with BUFF 1UP™.

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Our team will discuss your needs, potential markets, and brand fit.

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Access promotional materials, product insights, and more.

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What sets Twinroll-backed brands apart in the market?

Twinroll-backed brands, showcased on Nicokickers and whitepouches.com, are rooted in Swedish excellence and innovation. They combine traditional practices with modern design and flavor profiles, ensuring a unique and premium product offering.

What is Twinroll?

Twinroll is the company and driving force behind Nicokickers, a pioneer in the pouch industry, and the creator of the brands we offer for distribution.

How frequently does Twinroll introduce new brands or products?

Twinroll is committed to innovation and regularly evaluates market trends. While there's no fixed schedule, new brands or product lines are introduced as we identify opportunities and demands in the market.

Do you provide exclusive distribution rights for specific regions?

Distribution agreements are tailored to individual partners and their regions. We evaluate exclusivity on a case-by-case basis, considering market potential, partner capabilities, and other factors.

What kind of marketing and promotional support can distributors expect?

Distributors can expect a comprehensive suite of marketing materials, including digital assets, product information, and promotional campaigns. We also offer insights into market trends and strategies to help our partners succeed.

Are there any initial training or onboarding programs for new distributors?

Yes, we believe in empowering our distributors. New partners undergo a thorough onboarding process, which includes product training, brand guidelines, and insights into effective market strategies.

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